Animated eCard_2

Animated eCard

Animated “Thinking of You” eCard

Description: I wanted to try my hand at creating another animated eCard. Over a year ago, I moved to Florida which is far away from family and friends. When trying to think of a topic for the eCard, I thought it would be nice to create one for my friends and family that I don’t get to see that much. I didn’t use any external sources for the creation. Everything I drew and created by using the program. (extra project completed)


Photo Restoration – Marriage Certificate


Marriage certification fixed

Photo Restoration of Old SD Marriage Certificate

Description: My maternal grandmother found her parents marriage certificate. It was in horrible shape (see original below). Mice had used the potty on it, old age of the paper, and water damage that occurred while my great grandparents were alive. In the restoration, I used the healing brush, coloring of sever discolored areas, and cropping to eliminate the really bad parts that weren’t necessary. (extra project completed)

Original Marriage Certificate

Original Marriage Certificate


Animated eCard

Birthday eCard

Birthday eCard

Description: For this assignment, we were asked to create an eCard that was animated. Based on the previous week’s eCard design assignment, eCard were created in order to make our creations come to life. My target audience is for those that are having a birthday and have a sarcastic sense of humor. In October, my mother will be turning 60 and she would love the humor in the eCard I created. To enhance the message of the eCard, I animated to parts: fireworks and shouting.  The animated fireworks allows for something showy and makes the rest of the eCard unexpected. The animated shouting brings the humor in the eCard to a fitting conclusion and provides a emphasis on the fact that the person is being told they can’t hear (old age… mom’s 60th birthday).

Layer Comps


First layer Comp

Layer Comp 1

Second Layer Comp

Layer Comp 2

Third Layer Comp

Layer Comp 3

Type of eCard: Birthday (Sarcastic Humor)

Purpose: My first instinct was to create a graduation eCard for my niece who is graduating in May with her Masters degree. But I decided to create an eCard for my mother’s 60th birthday this year. My family has a very sarcastic sense of humor and I wanted to put that into my eCard for her. In addition to her sense of humor, I included fireworks on LayerComp3 using two different brushes.  The smiley and megaphone with the words looking like they are being shouted was part of the sarcastic sense of humor that stresses she might be deaf for being old.  I typed the initial “Happy Birthday” small intentionally in order for the final “Happy Birthday” that uses clipped imaging (Comp2 & Comp3) and skewed text (all comps) to emphasize the joke more. My mother is very simplistic in her tastes so I wanted to keep everything simple and to the point.

Images Used in Creating ECard

Smiley Face

Smiley Face

{Source: User:East718. 718smiley.svg. 2008.Wikimedia Commons, Accessed 9 April 2017.}

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

{Source: OpenClipartVectors. File:Birthday-cake-153106.svg. 2015. Wikimedia Commons, Accessed 9 April 2017.}



{Source: Megaphone Handheld Electric Megaphone. Max Pixel, Accessed 9 April 2017. }


Confetti  (Background of lower “Happy Birthday”)

{Source: Ringed Carnival Colorful Confetti Streamer. Max Pixel, Accessed 9 April 2017. }

Creature Composite

Creature Mockup

Creature Mockup

Creature Composite updated

UPDATED Creature Composite

Description:  Using comments given by my peers, I edited the photo. I used a soccer field for the background and utilized only giraffe parts because using multiple different animals it was difficult to make the photo more realistic.

Photographs Used for UPDATED Composite:

giraffe head

Giraffe Head  (Head)

(Source: Melone, Anthony. 2016. Giraffe. UnSplash, Accessed 1 April 2017.)


Giraffe eating

Giraffe Eating (Legs & Hands)

(Source: Brenner, Andi. Giraffe Eating. Free Images, Accessed 26 March 2017.)

Soccer field

Soccer Field (Background)

(Source: Jonathan Petersson. 2017. Soccer Field. UnSplash, Accessed 1 April 2017.)

Soccer Ball

Soccer Ball

(Source: Rodrigo, Gino. 2007. Soccer Ball. Free Images, Accessed 1 April 2017.)

David Beckham playing soccer

David Beckham (Body)

(Source: Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes. 2012. Y2mblog, Accessed 25 March 2017.)


Creature Composite

Original Creature Composite

Photographs Used for Original Composite:


David Beckham playing soccer

David Beckham (Body)

(Source: Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes. 2012. Y2mblog, Accessed 25 March 2017.)

Giraffe eating

Giraffe Eating (Legs)

(Source: Brenner, Andi. Giraffe Eating. Free Images, Accessed 26 March 2017.)

Male Lion

Male Lion (Mohawk Hair)

(Source: Groth-Anderson, Henrik. Male Lion. 2005. Free Images, Accessed 26 March 2017.)


Event Flyer and Web Banner

National Library Week 2017

Event Flyer

Description: The National Library Week contest is for students that are currently attending at Eastern Florida State College. Each of the four campuses pick a contest they will run so students that are assigned to their campus can enter into the respective contest. The main idea of having this contest is to give students an opportunity to win a prize while writing how the library has helped them. One of the challenges I had was trying to get a bright sunshine effect on the flyer. I wanted to represent a bright future and enlightenment. The photo turned out a little but more yellow than I would have liked. I would use this flyer for the event (which is an actual event in my library) but the college where I work needs final approval. I did like how “Libraries Transform” came out. It stand out and fits in with the effects I was going for.


Event Banner National Library Week

Web Banner

Description: For this week’s assignment, we were tasked to create a web banner with certain specifications stated by the instructor such as width, height, and reuse of graphics that were used in creating the Event Flyer. The biggest challenge I had was trying to decide how to crop the graphic. The graphic was a portrait size but I decided that the glasses were a must with some of the books. I wanted to keep the feel of a homely and bright scene. Another challenges was the text in relation to coloring. I ultimately decided to go with the college colors of green, blue, and white. I think I was successful in showcasing these colors to provide a viewer an opportunity to think of Eastern Florida State College (EFSC).

Photo Restoration

Photo one clark original photo

Photo 1: Original Photo

Photo two restored clark photo

Photo 2: Restored Photo

Description: The assignment was to restore an original photograph (Photo 1) picked from choices given by the instructor. In order to restore the original photo, I adjusted levels manually before altering the look of the photo. When fixing the issues of old photograph I utilized tools such as Content-Aware fill and Spot Healing brush. For the majority of the work, I used the Spot Healing brush because most of the problems seemed to be folding and creases. The resulted came to be Photo 2.


Photo three black and white star trek original photo

Photo 3: Original Photo

Photo four colorized version of star trek original photo

Photo 4: Colorized Photo

Description: The assignment was to colorize an original photograph (Photo 3) picked from choices given by the instructor. By utilizing layers, I was successful in coloring the black and white photo. The skin was one layer, another layer was the shirts, and so on. Brush on the coloring was easy but sometimes the erasing was a little bit of a challenge. In order to get a better result, I eventually succeed by enlarging the screen of the photo so I can see the lines better. I followed the steps in the book under colorizing. I think the hardest part was trying to figure what color the shirts needed to be. (I am more of a Star Wars fan.) My final result (Photo 4) definitely didn’t have any red shirts because those I usually reserved for the people that die first.