Event Flyer

National Library Week 2017

Event Flyer

The National Library Week contest is for students that are currently attending at Eastern Florida State College. Each of the four campuses pick a contest they will run so students that are assigned to their campus can enter into the respective contest. The main idea of having this contest is to give students an opportunity to win a prize while writing how the library has helped them. One of the challenges I had was trying to get a bright sunshine effect on the flyer. I wanted to represent a bright future and enlightenment. The photo turned out a little but more yellow than I would have liked. I would use this flyer for the event (which is an actual event in my library) but the college where I work needs final approval. I did like how “Libraries Transform” came out. It stand out and fits in with the effects I was going for.

Photo Restoration

Example of a Restored Photo

Photo one clark original photo

Photo 1: Original Photo

Photo two restored clark photo

Photo 2: Restored Photo

The assignment was to restore an original photograph (Photo 1) picked from choices given by the instructor. In order to restore the original photo, I adjusted levels manually before altering the look of the photo. When fixing the issues of old photograph I utilized tools such as Content-Aware fill and Spot Healing brush. For the majority of the work, I used the Spot Healing brush because most of the problems seemed to be folding and creases. The resulted came to be Photo 2.


Example of Black/White Photo to Color

Photo three black and white star trek original photo

Photo 3: Original Photo

Photo four colorized version of star trek original photo

Photo 4: Colorized Photo

The assignment was to colorize an original photograph (Photo 3) picked from choices given by the instructor. By utilizing layers, I was successful in coloring the black and white photo. The skin was one layer, another layer was the shirts, and so on. Brush on the coloring was easy but sometimes the erasing was a little bit of a challenge. In order to get a better result, I eventually succeed by enlarging the screen of the photo so I can see the lines better. I followed the steps in the book under colorizing. I think the hardest part was trying to figure what color the shirts needed to be. (I am more of a Star Wars fan.) My final result (Photo 4) definitely didn’t have any red shirts because those I usually reserved for the people that die first.